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My Bad Place


the medicine

They say I’mcrazy but it’s the world that’s gone mad.

01 Lew Conetta – You Got Me Crazy 02 Joe Erskine – I Blame My Crazy Heart 03 Al Jones –  Mad, Mad World 04 The Quotations – Imagination 05 Al Garner – You Must Be Crazy 06 Guitar Junior – Goin’ Crazy Baby 07 Shirley Gunter – Crazy Little Baby 08 Buddy Guy – Crazy Love 09 T.N.T. Dribble – Crazy To The Bone 10 Doc Starkes & The Nite Riders – Love Me Like Crazy 11 Paul Preston – Shotgun 12 Bobby Beck – Swinging On A Chandelier 13 The Escorts – Why Does The World Go Round? 14 Harmonica Slim – Going Back Home 15 Willie Wright – Slowly Losing My Mind 16 Mary Hankins – Ants In My Pants 18 Little Walter – Crazy Mixed Up World 19 Smiley Lewis – Go On…

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