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get hot!

01 Eunice Davis – Get Your Enjoys 02 Billy Tate – Special Lesson No. 1 03 Little Willie John – Spasms 04 Anne Cole – Each Day 05 Charles Sheffield – It’s Your Voodoo Working 06 The Moonlighters – Little Indian Girl 07 Otis Blackwell – Oh! What A Wonderful Time 08 Charles Clark – Hidden Charms 09 Lula Reed – Rock Love 10 The Sharps – Have Love Will Travel 11 Tiny Topsy – Aw Shucks Baby 12 Johnny Stewart – A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ 13 Teddy Reynolds –  Louise 14 Annisteen Allen – Down By The River 15 Lttle Esther – The Deacon Moves In 16 Guitar Junior – Goin’ Crazy Baby 17 Titus Turner – Big John 18 Delores Gibson – Call Me, Call Me, Call Me 19 Ruth Brown – Wild Wild Young Men 20 Lionell Torrance – Rooty Tooty 21 June Bateman – Possum Belly Overalls 21 Rosemary McCoy – Dippin’ In My Business 22 Chris Kenner – I Like I like That 22 Tommy Brown – Double Faced Deacon 23 Calvin Boze – Good Time Sue 24 The Kool Gents – Oh Gee 25 Jackie Mobley & Pearl Bailey – Saturday Night Fish Fry 26 The Robins – Wadaya Want 27 Julia Lee – Lotus Blossom 28 Laverne Baker -Tiny Tim 29 The Capris – There’s A Moon Out Tonight


    • Roadburner
    • Posted July 25, 2011 at 10:44 pm
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    Hey Doc!!

    What a nice surprise to find you again…I thought you were gone… 🙂 this really makes my day!
    But there seems to be no link here..Thanks anyway!!

    From the Netherlands with love…

    • doctorfuckwit
    • Posted July 30, 2011 at 12:52 am
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    i fucked up again but link works now

    • Anonymous
    • Posted July 31, 2011 at 9:45 pm
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    lol no problem doc
    thx 4 fixing
    nice that you are still there somewhere

    • white&uptight
    • Posted August 25, 2011 at 7:46 pm
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    hola! just found your blog and wanted to let you know how much i’m enjoying your mixes! thanx for sharing!

  1. fucking with doctorfuckwit, a life calling.

  2. I think we see eye to eye on a number of curcial things doc. thanks for keepin’ on keepin’ on over the months and years.

    One question, maybe it’s just me, but some of the mp3s are of a seriously low bitrate-hardly does the songs justice, is this just the necessity of digging up hard-to-find tracks?

    always a pleasure,

    Choc full of mixes for yur streaming pleasure,


  3. cheers, doc.
    regreetings from zuma.
    like everyone else says, nice to see ya still around.
    you never left my blogroll…

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