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The set is the study of fuckwit towers:

In the gloom illuminated by a solitary candle and shrouded in a cloud of pipe smoke sits the wizened doctor.

Just then the heavy oak door creaks open on its rusty hinges. Mice are heard squeaking and scampering across the floor for shelter. Enter the doctor’s long time assistant Bobo.

“Ahh there you are…” growls the doctor with some effort before hacking up a great globule of phlegm which he dispatches into a bucket beside him.

Then he continues in an ever more maniacal fervor “once i complete the transference i will have the power to bring the whole world to it’s feet! dont you understand”

At that the doctor breaks into a loud and long outburst of fiendish laughter which brings on another coughing fit causing the bucket to be called into service three more times, Finally he mutters “No of course you dont understand you’re a fuckin monkey”

Suddenly a change comes over the doctor he turns to his assistant and pleads “Bobo, Bobo is the nurse coming today?”.

Bobo slowly shakes his head grinning knowingly and says “Come on herr doctor you know she hasn’t been here since 1992 you remember… now don’t forget your medication”

01 Brice Coefield – cha-cha twist 02 The Dribers – dry bones twist 03 The Premiers – (Welcome To) Twistville 04 The Valiants – tequila twist 05 Oneda Harding & Harding Combo – Bald Headed Twister Man 06 J-Walkers – Israeli Twist 07 The Prophets – Japanese twist 08 Benny Bell & His Pretzel Twisters – The Kosher Twist 09 Louis Romano – Tiger Twist 10 Sammy & The Five Notes – Doodle Bug Twist 11 Glen Christy – Wombat Twist  12 Charles Laverne – The Shoot’ Em Up Twist 13 Francine York – The Enlistment Twist 14 Troy & The T-Birds – twistle 15 The Sonics – Chop-Twist 16 Les Krakmen – Krakmen Twist! 17 Kajiki Sô – twist’n’swing !!! 18 The Twisters – istanbul 19 Clem Sacco e i Suoi Califfi – chunga twist 20  Lord Rockingham’s xi – Newcastle Twist 21 Ernie Fields- hucklebuck (twist) 22 The Cee Gees – Buzzsaw Twist 23 ? -the baby twist 24 Bobby Rambo – Bony Moronie Twist 25 Phil Flowers – twistin’ beat 26 Buddy Vincent – wooden bird twist 27 The Melody Makers-Leo’s Twist 28 Seniors – Twist At The Top 29 Rollercoasters – wild twist 30 Herbie Jay – he won the purple heart (for doing the twist) 31 The Twisters – the lone twister


    • DefChef
    • Posted January 31, 2010 at 4:30 pm
    • Permalink

    Love it! You know a thing or two about hip-swivelling, don’t ya?

    My only question: why leave out “The W-C-K-R Twist?” I think that one deserves automatic inclusion on any twist collection, simply due to the degree of difficulty with the lyrics….

    • doctorfuckwit
    • Posted January 31, 2010 at 5:14 pm
    • Permalink

    good call chef. probably inflict a part 2 on ya tho sometime

    • scott
    • Posted February 1, 2010 at 11:08 pm
    • Permalink

    giggity alright!

    • Joey
    • Posted February 10, 2010 at 7:09 pm
    • Permalink

    Wizened Doctor !
    Thanks very much for this, a great one !
    Love to see a Volume 2 …(perhaps with
    The King: jack Hammer (Fire Baby, Twist Talk ??)
    And don`t let someone tell you what to offer 🙂

    • Andy Rampage
    • Posted March 6, 2010 at 2:45 am
    • Permalink

    “OH BOY!! ‘looks-like’ ANOTHER *FUN* ONE!” ~Courtesy Of… The doctor!!
    THANKS mate!!

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